About Us

Lion Bowling Center is a Red Lion landmark that was built in 1959. The Zelger family has owned and operated the center since 1981. Brothers Mike, Dave and Tim have been hands on owners and operators since that date. All three have been inducted into the York County Bowling Hall of Fame and are very accomplished bowlers with countless tournament victories, 300-games, PBA appearances, and more. What this means is that for any questions that you may have regarding bowling, they are the people to ask! Mike's son, Zach, and Dave's son, Justin, have been involved with the business for several years not to mention the Zelger's mother, Shirley, who has been helping since the beginning! This is definitely a family business in the truest sense.

Sadly, the family matriarch, Shirley - better known as "Sheb" - passed away in March 2018. She had been at the center from the beginning. She will be missed.